Since it’s designed to satisfy fast foodies, Gourmet Burger offers you a “tongue in cheek” fine, yet fun, dining experience. Our chefs take the humble burger to gourmet heights with their paradoxical approach to classic fast food. You’ll find every Gourmet Burger on the menu is a delicious contradiction in terms complete with all the sophisticated trimmings.

Each of our playfully elegant restaurants takes comfort food into the realm of cuisine, creating a feast for the senses complete with fine dining touches like the very best Origin coffee and Lindt Swiss chocolate. The innovative décor with its eclectic twists provides an understated, quirky ambience to enhance your gastronomic voyage of discovery.

Whatever your style, suit and tie or T-shirt and jeans, you’re assured of a first-class time in a fun-loving setting. So why not come and savour this decadent take on the down to earth burger? What a way to go gourmet.
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